Accounting & Auditing D

WHY  STUDY Accounting & Auditing?
The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management sequence offers a unique learning experience to students who aspire to start businesses or obtain employment in growth-oriented small businesses. The program will help students identify career options in small business, expand their knowledge of entrepreneurship, and develop venture management skills and techniques.
Why Study Management - Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management?
Entrepreneurship is at the heart of every business. Every large company started out as a small business, led by an entrepreneur. As our economy becomes more volatile, having the skills and knowledge to start a new business may mean the difference between prosperity and poverty.

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Required Courses

​To earn this degree from ODU, you must complete at least 30 credit hours with us. This Bachelor’s degree requires 120 total credit hours.

Talk with an advisor to determine if you have academic credits that will transfer. The curriculum sheet and long range schedule below can serve as guides for planning your course of study.

Online Learning Environment

Access course materials online from any location. Some classes will have live, regular online meeting times, while others will not. The instructor may schedule assignments and exams at specific times. All courses follow ODU's regular academic calendar.


Careers in Computer Science

Computers and software impact almost all aspects of work, study and recreation. With a bachelor's degree in computer science, you can immediately apply your knowledge in fields such as:

  • Software Engineering, Design and Development
  • Network Administration
  • Database Development
  • Web and Application Programming
  • System Design, Administration and Analysis
  • Training and Project Management

Calculating Cost

In-state Virginia Residents:
$335 per credit hour*
Out-of-State Students:
$369 per credit hour

These tuition rates are effective Summer 2017 and subject to change.
* In-state rate assumes residency requirements are met.

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