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How to Pay Fees Via Vogue Pay

How to Pay Fees Via Vogue Pay

10 Exciting Steps to make payments via VoguePay payment processor


  1. Visit the via
  2. Login to your portals either Application or Student Login
  3. Click on Payments, on the main menu.
  4. Click on the Green Plus Sign above payment history to generate Invoice for the suppose transaction.
  5. Check the payment schedule if the amount is OK, and click on the blue button ‘Pay Via VoguePay’.
  6. Wait for like 5 seconds as you will be switched to voguepay processing platform, select the card type(Master card, Visa Card or Verve card etc)
  7. Click on Make Payment
  8. Enter a valid card details and patiently wait for response
  9. If transaction is successful you will automatically be switch back to our portal and then you can print receipt
  10. Else you will be automatically switched back to our portal and then you can retry IF YOU ARE NOT DEBITED

Thanks please for further enquiries contact our support line.

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